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About Archived FDA Warning Letters

The FDA has archived warning letters from 2005 to 2012, which makes finding what you want difficult

Warning letters are useful, since they contain very specific examples of what not to do. Additionally they often provide insights into the agencies position, and sometimes even guidance as to what is required.

The problem with Archived Letters

Try searching FDA.gov for an old warning letter. You won't find anything older than 2013! It's been archived and copied to Archive-It.org. If you are persistent, you might eventually discover the exact letter you want in their wayback machine. We think it's dumb to make searching hard. Search should be easy!

Making Archived Letters Available

We found looking for old warning letters difficult. So we set about to fix it. Fortunately all of the FDA materials are public domain (See FDA Website Policy.). We've collected them and are sharing them with everyone.


-- George Salmas, Managing Principal, The Food Lawyers®


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