Archived FDA Warning Letters

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Quickly browse FDA Warning Letters by Year and Month.

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Searching FDA Warning Letters is simple and easy.

For Sale. This website and warning letter data is for sale. User data is NOT for sale.

After running this website for many years and providing the site for free; the time has come to sell the site or shut it down. If you'd like to purchase this site email philip at

Shutting Down Lock

Shutting downAug 31 2022 this site will shutter.

Contact us, philip at if you'd like to purchase the data or the site. This site gets 1400 to 1500 users per month, spending 1m27ms on average (enough to find a website).

Shuttin Down Lock

FDA Archived Warning Letters. Why did they do that?

Who knows? If you search it's hard to find archived letters. Fortunately, we had the same problem and decided to do something about it. We hope you find it useful. Drop us a line with suggestions for improvements. Our goal is to make regulations easier with simple tools. Read more.

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